Layers: Andrese Collins

Layers consist of multiple over-lapping elements that from an image or scene. Layering brings out many styles and techniques in order to display something whether its intentions are physical, virtual or temporal. Layers can also be used to separate different focal points, scales, colors, and many other essential elements that can affect the results of the piece.

Page from Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel, “American Born Chinese”

Notice that in this image from Gene Luen’s comic, “American Born Chinese”, the young character is continuously multi-layered in order to show the viewer a change in motion. The character performs a sequence of morphology as he turns from one race to another.  You can also notice typographic layering within the yellow words,”click-clack”, and the red Chinese lettering that overlays the black background.

Notice that on this page of Lynda’s “What It Is”, there’s multiple layers of elements such as dialogue to read, images of octopuses, bird, and three mug shots.



Page 72 from Lynda Barry’s, “What It I

All of the layers and frames used on the page help the viewer know when and how to read the page. Lynda layers multiple fonts and patterns to help decorate the page.There are various windows and squares that are placed with the cut and paste technique to help frame the dialogue, displaying the collage type look.

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