Layers: Jasmin Negrete


Page 48 of Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “What It Is”

Throughout Lynda Barry’s graphic novel What It Is there you can see many different forms of layers. On page 48 of her graphic novel you can see the form of layering known as Cut and Paste. Throughout this page you can see that many of the text has been cut out from other books or papers and pasted on to this page. The images along the right side of the page also seem to be pasted onto the page. As well as the upside down dog and the peanut ant and cow.It is important that Barry used this type of layering because it follows the theme/topic of the page, which is “Follow A Wandering Mind”. These images and text have been layered on top of one another to create a type of collage throughout the page. Which makes the page much more interesting to the reader, because their eyes go to different parts of the page. However, in Craig Thompson’s


Page 88 of Craig Thompson’s comic “Goodbye Chunky Rice”

comic Goodbye Chunky Rice you can see a less intense form of layering. On page 88 of Thompson’s comic you can see that he uses a form of Temporal Layers. On this page you can see that each panel of the comic is a layer. However, in the top  panels you can see that the three panels along the left side of the  page have been layered on top of the big panel (background) that takes up most of the page.The layering makes it seem like the three side panels are part of the bigger panel. At the bottom of this page you can also see that the left panel is layered on top of the right panel because parts of the bird’s body hover over the next panel, while he is looking at what is going on. I feel like the layering used throughout this page makes it easier for the readers to understand and for the story to be told because the individual panels becomes an entire picture.


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