Layers: Cass McKay

This is my example of layers from Lynda Berry’s book “What It Is”.  Its from page 74, and I believe this one of the best examples of layering throughout the whole book!  Lets start from the top, all the writing looks as if it was cut from another source and pasted into this book.  Not only that but each form of writing has a different textured background such as brown paper, lined notebook paper, etc.  Taking writings from different mediums creates unlimited forms of layering, especially with writings and drawings living on the backdrop of this page, it gives you that scrapbooking feeling which is always full of layers.Layers.jpg

The second example is from (a graphic novel I want to read) DareDevil: The Man Without Fear.  The obvious reason I chose this from the graphic novel is because the layers show his progression from on top of the building, to jumping off and falling farther and farther downwards.  While looking at comics and varying graphic novels I have come to the conclusion that super hero / action ones tend to be full of layering to depict the sequence of events.  It is much easier to layer like this because the only other alternative is to stretch out this sequence over multiple squares of comic space and it just isnt as compelling as depicting their stages of movement through layering on one image.  This idea is used in every other mainstream comic such as Batman, Superman, Wonderman, etc.  It is the style staple of the comic franchise, and they just wouldnt be the same without the process of layering!Daredevil.jpg

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