Time & Motion: Cass McKay

The image I selected that uses motion is from Dr. Suess’ “The Cat In The Hat”.

(see below)


“The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Suess

The first item that shows motion on this image is all the characters hair and especially thing 1 & thing 2’s, it is jetting back to give the affect they are moving quickly forward and their hair is out of control.  This is the easiest way to show motion because its the first thing people associate that with is going forward.  Same for the wire on the back of the vehicle it is bowing backwards to give the same effect as the hair.  Another thing thats showing motion is the lines heading backward from the front wheel, wing, and back end of the vehicle.  Even though in reality we cant see wind or we cant see air rushing past us this trick allows us to believe there is friction there and in fact they are slicing through the sky.  This trick can also be used to give the falling affect, position the lines vertically instead of horizontal on this image and it would appear the cat and his companions were falling downward instead of flying. One aspect of the picture I didn’t consider until know that shows movement is the placement and posture of the goldfish.  He’s set up leaning forward and out of his bowl to show movement forward as well.  From the surface you never really think about whats going into the movement of this still image until you sit down and spend some time analyzing the different factors.

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