Color: Cass McKay

The page I selected is from the comic “Transformers: Lost Light” by Roberts, Lawrence, LaFuente, and Bove, it isn’t a physical comic but one of the digital medium.  The reason I selected this one in particular is because I believe its a good representation of color (was more vivid before I scanned and transferred to here).  This page has balanced itself very well because the background is a lighter cool tone and it allows for the focus to be directed in front of it at the richer colors.  Factors that also aide in the contrast of the background and the characters are the dark shading that gives a shadow effect and the much darker tones that make them pop from the page.  The light coming from the red characters chest is complimentary of his own color as it adds more warmth to the very cool colored scene.  If the scene wasn’t dark and a blue color the beam of light coming out of his chest wouldn’t of looked as fitting because it wouldn’t of contrasted enough with the backdrop. This technique is a very popular one as people all the time use these colors to work alongside each other.  If you have a character who is bland and his color can resemble the background that people eyes wont focus on it because its not contrasting its surroundings. A lot of action movies or video games use these colors to give a certain feeling to the viewer, games such as Tekken, Pokemon, and more use this color scheme on their covers.



Transformers: Lost Light

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