Color : Gilian Fejes

In Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Philips’ chapter of color they highlight the concept of color and the remarkable tricks it can play on the eye. Color has a remarkable role in moods, it can differentiate, camouflage and high light different aspects of an image. The first tool within the color world they point out is the color wheel. The color wheel is extremely helpful, and there are many of these wheels that emphasis primary, secondary, complement, tertiary and analogous colors. These wheels are the helpful to see what colors are opposite, next to, the same hue or adjacent to the others. Within these colors there is a dynamic system to completely customize a color from the value, shade, tint, saturation, hue and intensity. These are described as the aspects of colors and relate to the range of attribute within these colors. Knowing how each color works with each is a great and required skill to have in successful graphics. A way a color is placed next to each other can completely change a color or shape to the eye. So, knowing how to work with color can really benefit you. Especially in marketing, if you emphasize a certain part of something that needs to stand out. Color is the perfect way to do that because it draws the eye to that area. My personal favorite aspect to graphic design is color and playing with the different variations. I think different colors can make or break an image to being subpar to great. I have always had an acute obsession with mixing colors and brightness’s together to make my own.


My comic is of Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid On Earth. I particularity chose this pictures because the comic itself does an excellent job at using colors at appropriate time for the audience. The title itself is just blue and white which bring the viewers in aesthetically, but it takes a second to see the graphic picture itself. When I first looked at this picture, all I saw was the blue and a kid but re looking at it I was he was basically killing an older man and his assumed mother is screaming in the background. Besides the cover I think the actual comic in this piece does a good job drawing in the focal points. The comics are a light chromatic green and dull colors, but the key factors of the comic are bright red and yellow to keep the audiences eye on it. I think it is good to have good color coordination in graphic novels because the book is all visual there are not description boxes it wat you see. So color can truly help or hinder an image and story.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.32.35 PM.png

Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid On Earth by Chris Ware

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