Color: Andrese Collins

This cover art from Pete Bagge’s 6th issue of “Neat Stuff”provides a variety of colors that compliment, oppose, and reflect each other in order to support the intended tone and situation being displayed in the image. Pete doesn’t keep any of the colors he uses fully saturated. Pete doesn’t display many primary colors but presents them in different tones and shades in order to give the reader some type idea of a personality towards each character. As the characters are spaced and balanced from each other we notice a clear interaction of colors, especially when taking note of how each character blends or looms with the only primary color, the yellow background.


Cover Art from Peter Bagge’s comic, “Neat Stuff”

Notice that Pete mixes the primary colors with secondary colors in order to develop unique tertiary colors like the reddish-orange hue used on the title of the comic which is also the identical color for the characters tongues and gums. The characters clothes are also tertiary colors.

Notice that their clothes all resemble a primary color (blue, red, yellow) but are altered in order to display opposites attracting and complimenting each other. The characters are yelling at each other so Pete uses the colors to help bring a bold and argumentative energy. The women at the bottom’s clothing is like a very desaturated yellow in order to avoid her blending in within the yellow background.

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