Time and Motion: Emma Garcia

Page 120 of Lynda Barry's Picture This

Page 120 of Lynda Barry’s Picture This

In the book Graphic Design: The New Basics, it says “Motion can be implied as well as literal, however. Artists have long sought ways to represent the movement of bodies and the passage of time within the realm of static, 2-dimensional space” (Graphic Design: The New Basics, pg. 233). This quote can be seen throughout Lynda Berry’s graphic novel as she presents time and motion in so many ways.

For instance, on page 120, in her book Picture This she presents the idea of time and motion by drawing the ballerina and the reindeer as separate aspects creating actions of spinning or the action of growing over time. These images are scaled to a certain size and rotate in different directions so they can move throughout the page into something new. Similar to how these aspects show time and motion they also present repetition as the objects are repeating over and over in a variety of ways. The images only slightly change with every image to create the next step in the action. The drawings are representing the movements that happen in that kind of situation at that time. 

The page is cropped in a way that makes these aspects seem smaller and less important but they Lynda Barry’s way of showing how formstorming has to be used in creating a comic otherwise your mind wanders and you have no clue what to do. Having the images scaled to that size make them move throughout time as if you were with the author as she was thinking about what to write next and what type of character she was going to create.


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