Time and Motion: Angelica Tibule

According to Graphic Design: The New Basics, motion is a kind of change, and change takes place in time (233). It can either be implied or literal. Looking at the Tom and Jerry comic, it includes some examples of how motion is implied through a two-dimensional perspective. When creating motion, it is important to keep in mind what details need to be added to let the audience understand that motion is being applied in the story. For example, showing motion can be as simple as shown in the first panel, where jerry is faced upside down, followed by different stroke of lines to show the direction of how jerry led to that position. In addition, showing motion can also be done by creating a change in scale, rotation, shape, and position. The third panel is an example of a change in scale, because it only focuses on the two main characters, without any background. The following panel of Tom chasing Jerry represents the basic story of Tom always trying to catch Jerry. The artist changes the position of the characters to give that motion effect of Tom trying to go after Jerry. The fifth panel shows an example of cropping, as another way of creating a change in position. When creating motion in a two dimensional surface, creating “sound effects” through text and using other shapes helps emphasize the effect of motion. One example of this is shown in the first of the last two panels in this comic, Tom is placed diagonally as a way to show the audience how hard he was punched. The artist also included the text “Ker Bam!”, a star shape, and lines to strongly emphasize the punch and the direction of how the other character punched Tom.


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