Time and Motion: Cora Kline



The Complete Peanuts 190-1952 by Charles M Shulz, Pg 217

Motion is displayed by having two sets of parallel lines on either side of the ball. The lines don’t actually exist in the real world but are used to show where the ball would have been if this were a video or something seen in real life. The fact that Lucy’s arm is above the ball implies that she is either bouncing or dropping the ball in each panel. In the second to last and the last panels, the characters are shown in motion by having their bodies leaning in a specific direction with one foot in front of the other, which mimic real life walking or running. Stagnant characters are show with their feet more parallel with each other and their bodies directly vertical.


This comic predominantly shows the passing of time. This is evident by the many panels showing one of the characters counting. In the title panels, she counts to one hundred, followed by an ellipsis (which implies there are words emitted from the speech bubble. The very next panel she starts counting from one-hundred seventy-six, implying there were seventy-six bounces between the title panel and the next panel. The very next panel jumps another twenty-seven bounces. The panel after that jumps a whole eight hundred and eighteen bounces. With each consecutive panel, more time has passed. It would be incredibly boring to have a panel for each bounce, but showing large gaps in counting lets the reader infer the action has continued between panels.

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