Scale: Cleana Broman


Hajime, Isayama. “Attack on Titan.” Bunkyō, Tokyo: Kodansha, 2009. Print.

In this scene from the comic book (or manga) “Attack on Titan”, this titan is seen grabbing this horse and pulling him from off the ground. We all have relative knowledge about how large or small everyday animals or objects are that we have in our mind, and when we see it compared to another unfamiliar object we can gauge the size more accurately. In this case, we can see the titan is gigantic because of how he towers over the horse. The perspective also contributes to making this creature look giant. In Graphic Design The New Basics, the author discusses how when a designer prints off their work, they are often disappointed with the outcome compared to how it looked when designing it on the computer itself. I definitely related to this, after I’ve made a few fliers for Cable 8 here at WSU and various other works that were meant to be scaled down and printed on smaller pieces of paper, after seeing them larger on the screen of my laptop the results were disappointing sometimes, or some images or aspects didn’t look as clear when they were printed at a smaller size that what I saw while designing it. It’s definitely something good to keep in mind.


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