Point, Line, Plane : Cass McKay

I forgot to save a picture of the war comic I read in the library with Mrs. O’English but next time I am in there I will and I’ll upload it to this post.  Im also currently spacing the title but it was one of the really famous war comics.  When I was reading this comic you could see the composition was varying from a lot of the popular super hero comics, this one had no boxes to frame the scenes.  Yet, its design allowed for my eyes to flow more smooth throughout the scene because they weren’t restricted by borders.  This is a fairly rare technique in comics because I cant say I’ve seen this method anywhere else before I read this non fiction war comic.  It allowed for the page to hold less content and be more whimsical since there weren’t any separators within a page.  I personally wouldn’t mind if this style made somewhat of a comeback in comics and the graphic novel field as its much more appealing to the eye then the current way.  I think a hybrid form could be made out of it by allowing there to be some dividers and giving some space the freedom.

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