Point, Line, Plane-Miguel Bustos


X-23,Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost, Billy Tam, Marvel Comics, Cover Page.

In this picture, we have several parallel and perpendicular lines. Because the lines are arrayed in a pattern we are able to tell that this grid formation represents the grout between tiles. These lines all seem to be converging on a vanishing point. The point itself is not visible but implied. This allows for the background of the picture to have depth. The lines also create a sense of plane which the reader can interpret as a wall. This cover has three planes that converge so it is evident that the girl is in a corner. The artist then uses these as a reference point to draw the girl in proportion to the room. He also places her directly on top of the vanishing point so that even though she isn’t perfectly centered on the page, our eyes are still naturally drawn to her. The character’s pupils are points that are also used to draw in our focus so that we can not only see her face, but the expression and emotion on it.

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