Scale: Makenna Coxey


Lynda Barry’s book What it is. Page 158

the I chose this Image from Lynda Barry’s What It Is, is because the use of scale here is interesting, with the octopus figure to the tree is clearly not proportional. In real life the tree is usually larger than an octopus. Referring back to Graphic design: The New Basics talks about objective and subjective scale. in this particular page I believe that this would categorize under subjective scale because we understand that usually letters are not supposed to be as big as a tree or a tree is not supposed to be smaller then a octopus. I think that the point of this type of scale is supposed to create emphasis on certain parts of the piece and create a path that your eye follows. in this piece first my eye looks at the two brightest things on the page, which is the yellow block that contains the letters, tree, and octopus. and from there the choice of scale draws you to look at the waves and the person figure beneath them, then finally the small letters that inside this person or at the top of the page. it is intended to make you look at the images and then the text. in this particular image there is not a lot of objective scale, because nothing is really the size that it is supposed to be, the only thing that might be considered objective scale is the words at the top of the page inside what looks like to be lined paper. something else that I notice in this image is that there are words inside the waves, with the choice of these words to be small and in the shape of the wave it suggests that the author wants you to engage in the image behind the words because they are shaped like a wave.

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