Scale: Angelica Tibule


McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern: 13th Issue “Clyde Fans” by Seth pg. 226

Scale is a principle of design that can create an illusion between large and small visual elements. Looking at the comic, the cartoonist, Seth, shows his viewers the importance of scale in design. Unlike other comics, this certain page of Clyde Fans does not have any dialogue involve. It simply focuses on the character and lets the audience understand what the story is about by looking at each panel. According to Graphic Design: The New Basic, it is important for the artist to properly scale each visual element by focusing on sizing, placement, and colors to create depth and motion (62). Looking at this comic, I noticed Seth uses different angles to create a sense of motion as his character is walking towards the shore. For example, Seth uses bird’s eye view in two panels of this comic in the third pic of the first row and in the first pic of the third row. Seth first gave us a view of the town the character is walking in to give us an idea of where he is at and where he might be headed to. In addition, he also made sure that his audience knows how giant the posts of the gate are when the character is standing right beside them. Lastly, Seth uses size to create an illusion that the character is far away from the gate.

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