Scale: Andrese Collins

The technique of scaling helps the viewer or reader get an aspect of the drawers intentions to either bringing a realistic focus on scaling or bringing in a dramatic look to make a specific point. Scaling is used at its best when all components of the picture are scaled to its complimentary sizes. Scaling in sizes can also be a great way to display a sense of dominance or emphasizing on a focal point. When scaling the size of an art piece proportionately to the size of the objects, they will then become relative to each other, allowing the reader to understand important details and characteristics within the characters, background, etc.

Excerpt from Jim Woodring’s comic, Congress of The Animals

In this page of Jim Woodring’s, Congress of Animals, you can see in the 1st panel that the characters are shown running towards a large temple like building with steep stairs. Throughout the comic the characters have never been drawn at such a small scale until now as their approaching an object that’s much larger than them.

The objective of Tom’s scaling on this page seems to bring a focus towards the main point of the page, which is to emphasize on the kings “vehicle” that he uses because the object is centered and loaded between explosions, tentacles, and fish-like statues  which is a set of elements that can really attract any readers eyes. With the focus point, the reader can subjectively notice  that the characters goals were to successfully travel to the top of the temple like building so that the king could go back home.

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