Javin Nash – Framing


What It Is Page 48 by Lynda Barry

I found this series of comics to demonstrate framing exceptionally well. There is implied  and point of view framing from a wide angle to a close up to the characters face. In class Ms. Becker said a “good design is invisible because it doesn’t get in the way of spreading its message and for this case that is true. I feel like regardless of how the page was structured I can still recognize the focal point of the comic. Also, I noticed the illustrator used cropping to their own liking to display less “garbage” (unwanted imagery) in one frame compared to the one after it.

Some of the boarders aren’t too thick which gives me a sense that this particular scene is happening fast or in the same setting. Since there is no huge shift in scale and all of the frames are alike this makes the comic feel less unique compared to ones that I have read before that have frames inside of frames. Maybe sticking to the basics is what helped me follow along the story line of the comic because had there been various frame sizes and positioning I would have been more interested in the design and layout of the comic itself instead of looking for framing. I know my eyes would have wondered around the page in search of other cool layouts instead of reading the texts and paying attention to the characters development.

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