Framing: Cleana Broman


Chris Ware

While framing can be used for dramatic circumstances and direct your eyes to create movement or focus, in Chris Ware’s case, he makes his stories in almost a grid like pattern. He also utilizes cropping in the example above, because instead of outlining each panel with black lines and obvious gutters, he simply crops the picture and against the stark white background the pictures make an implied gutter. I believe there must have been some more technical thinking behind the creation as well, because the top 3 panels from up to down and on the far right of the page, at the bottom of the pictures you can see a brown line which is from the window frame, and it looks intentionally placed there to make the contrast more stark and more balanced for the rest of the page. He also uses frames inside frames in a couple of the panels by showcasing a window equally margined inside the cropped panel.

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