Formstorming: Makenna Coxey



Lynda Berry’s book What It Is. Page 16

While reading the first fifty pages of What it is by Lynda Barry I was confused by everything at first, but as I read on I started to see a trend and understand what she means by all this. In some of the pages it seems dark, gloomy and depressing. And some are happier and more light and airy. As the book goes on through the 50 pages I realize that not only is each page demonstrating formstorming but also the whole book is. From asking questions like “what is an image” to “where are images found” and continually progressing to “what is a memory” and “can we remember something that we can’t imagine?”. Formstorming from reading Graphic Design: The new basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips means to brainstorm evolving ideas until you come up with something that is more sophisticated. You start with a simple term or image and continue until you get rid of the obvious ways of thinking and uncover the more creative and innovative ideas. One of the examples in the book is 100 iterations which really stood out to me. And formstorming really applies in page 16 of What It is by Lynda Barry, the page starts out with a statement “when images come to us”. This page is a collage of pictures some of which look to be hand drawn and others seem to be printed. On this page, you can really see the evolution of thoughts with all of the different that images come from, which to me best demonstrates formstorming.

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