Framing: Angelica Tibule


McSweeny’s Quarterly Concern: Issue Number 13. pg. 202. Lynda Barry. 

Looking at this comic, you might recognize the style of characters and collage theme, in relation to Lynda Barry’s What It Is. This comic is indeed by Lynda Barry, who is featured in the 13th Issue of McSweeny’s Quarterly Concern, an American literary journal that contains different comics, short stories, etc.

If you have noticed, Lynda Barry doesn’t use the traditional comic format of using panels and speech bubbles to separate each scene and dialog. Sometimes It can be quite difficult to figure out where the story starts and how it transitions, because of how close the different scenes are to each other. There isn’t any border or line to separate the scenes. Although, just like reading a typical academic book, we always read from left to right. Finding the point of interest can be quite difficult in this comic, because of how busy it is.

Since the story of this comic is about her waking up early and writing a bunch of letters, she uses a filler paper as the background of her comic. Even though she does not use panels for her comic, the paper is considered a frame. Framing is used to allow the viewers to focus on a certain character or scene.  The use of the filler paper separates the composition from the white margins around the page of the book. I also think that the bottom left scene of her printing has somewhat of a frame, by the line that separates the printing and bed scenes. She also frames the text in the top right scene of the character holding a shopping bag. In addition, unlike What It Is, Lynda Barry does not use color in this comic. Lastly, because of how busy the comic is, Lynda Barry also uses cropping to focus on the character and how her day is going.

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