Point, Line, Plane: Jon Williams

Graphic novels are extremely engaging when done correctly. If the images being shown can engage the reader on a basic level, helping draw the eye across the image in a reasonably paced fashion without being too busy, the entire page can feel alive and full. Each image follows the same basic rules in terms of how someone looks at it. Our eyes are drawn to large objects, follow lines, but always move top to bottom. Each place your eyes start registering part of the image, are points.they can be large and prominent, but also can be a lack there of in a space. Similar to how your eye is drawn to the face of the red headed girl on the left page, center frame. Her eyes and the blank space around her act as a point to engage the viewer, while the boarders of the comic lead one’s eyes down the page toward the main focus, our main character. These lines not only guide the reader to the focus, but help keep the page organized and set up well. Each image is separate, but the images still flow. On the right side of the image, the focus on the plane has shifted to sort of emphasize a scale of the scene. Again, the unique red hair of the main character works as another set of points in order to lead the reader carefully down the page, indicating where to stop. The floorboards also act as the lines in this segment, keeping the focus down and to the left of the page. This scene is more hectic, but the scale along with the points and lines help keep the reader engaged and interested without getting lost. it’s amazing what good design can do for graphic novels.



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