Point, Line, Plane: Eva Guillen


Page 10 of graphic novel Prison Town Paying the Price by Kevin Pyle & Craig Gilmore

In this novel, Prison Town Paying the Price, the author makes each of his pages different in how they should be read; in this page there is a left to right form of reading. Point, line and plane are used to form the different platforms for the images on this page. It makes it so that a reader or viewer knows where the text starts and ends. It also makes the pictures easier to follow and know there order as well. Point is specifically and more prominently used in the form of a period, this is a simple and tell-tale sign of the end of a sentence. Lines help separate one part of the story to another, making it again easier to tell what is going on in the story. I notice that there are multiple points that make up the shadows in the images. Then the plane of each box allows for a way to tell what is important in the story or not. Certain planes were larger than others, emphasizing that it’s a main point in the story. The image on the top left is a great example of the use of a plane because of how much space is used. It tells me that this is the start of the story and has a much larger emphasis, this is especially shown because the image was not restricted by any lines surrounding it. In the end, I can tell that with this story the eye moves from left to right; also that there is an emphasis on images that have larger planes than others.

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