Pattern Design: Ryan P Schimack

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher

This picture is organic because it does indeed have a distinct pattern with the fish on bottom and the birds on top, but none of the lines are straight or geometric. Also, if you look closely you can see that the detail of the figures increases as you approach the sides of the image. The organizational architecture of this image is in a grid format because of the pattern of the fish & birds, and how they seem to fit into the outline of each figures image. The colors interact with the blacks & whites interchanging with each other, up until the point where they flip flop. The values in the colors go from light on top, and dark on bottom, to switching in the middle of the image. This image is also unique because in terms of figure-ground relationship this images background becomes the foreground, and vice-versa.

Rosemary Newson

Rosemary Newson

This picture is geometric because it does have a distinct pattern of half circle shapes alternating directions around the image with different hues of red and pink. Even though the lines are curved and not straight angles, the pattern of this image makes it geometric in nature. The organizational architecture of this image is in a grid pattern, because all the shapes keep repeating with the inner and outer facing half circles. The color interaction in this image compliments itself with the value of the light and dark hues of red and pink interchanging in the half circles. Figure-ground relationship doesn’t come into play as much in this image because all of the aspects of the image are in the foreground, there isn’t  much of a background to be found.

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