Pattern Design Alex Weber


Andy Gilmore’s Geometric Pattern

For my geometric pattern I decided to visit I go there often for inspiration and I thought it would be the perfect place to find some interesting patterns. The one to the left is done by Andy Gilmore and I love the colors and shapes he used to create this design. This design is geometric because it relies on sharp lines determined by value and color to create geometric shapes that are easily recognizable. The shapes do a great job of showing contrast through value. The area where the darkest shapes are hitting the lighter shapes is where my eye is originally drawn, but the places that seem to fade to black are easy on my eyes and help the design be softer to look at. If the image was just black and white shapes back and forth the piece would be far less interesting and a lot harder to look at. This design does a good job at staying flat, I think that figure-ground relationships can be a factor in this design, through shadows. However I don’t think that was what the artist was going for otherwise it would have been much more obvious.


Elizabeth Olwen-10

As for the second piece I looked at I again visited niice and found a lot less designs. I thought this one had both a fun pattern and good color as well. The layout of the design seems more chaotic and detailed in comparison to the geometric pattern. This design is fairly flat and besides the background color the design seems to be 2D. The colors in the design go together well even though they do not follow the natural color palette the design does a good job of making the fun pattern that feels organic by the objects they used. The values of the colors are all fairly similar making the design easy to look at and allows the viewer to look at the whole of the design. The dots and simple lines the designer uses work well to create a simple organic object. The overall design leads your eyes well despite looking chaotic.

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