Too Cool to Spend: Khiabett Contreras

After reading Do You Have Change for a Bowie I instantly remembered the currency from Costa Rica. This summer I studied abroad and I was basically forced to use their currency for a whole month. This was a bit different because I am so used to using plastic, it’s so much easier. At first it was a drag to use it because I didn’t quite understand it. However I though it was the cutest money I had ever seen. The designs are so colorful and they embody their vibrant happy culture perfectly. It made me feel like I was a part of their culture whenever I made a transaction.

However the more specific design I thought about was their 5 colones bill that is now a design they produce only to sale as souvenirs. I have to say that the design made me feel like it had so much history which makes me want to keep the bill framed. Like the article state, “the idea of creating a currency that has our landscape and has our values right on the bill, that’s creating a sense of place that we don’t always have in America,” this is something I found to be true while using the currency in Costa Rica. I think this is one of the more important design decisions that should go into creating paper money because it is something we interact with.

This link has an example to 50 colones which is about $100:
This is a link to the bill that used to be the 5 colones:

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