Too Cool To Spend: Alden Paguada

For my blog I have chosen the 50 euro bill. The reason it caught my attention is because its got a very unique look. It looks so modern and slick. The design is based on a common theme ” Ages and styles of Europe”. The notes are legal tender throughout the euro area. On the front of the bill we can see windows and doorways symbolizing the openness and cooperation in Europe. The 12 stars of the European Union represent dynamism and harmony of contemporary Europe. he back of each banknote features a bridge from one of the seven periods in Europe’s architectural history the bridge is a metaphor for the close cooperation and communication between the people of Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world. The images are based on the typical architectural style of each period, rather than on specific structures. I would keep this bill simply because it is a very modern- contemporary looking bill and because of my family background as well. Im an enthusiast of modern things and this bill fits all the qualifications and the fact that it is the common currency of the 12 european union. The bill features so many security features therefore making hard to counterfeit. It features a watermark that becomes visible when is held up. it also features color shifting ink. when tilted the value numeral change colors from purple to olive green. When tilted a hologram shows a picture and the value of the bill. I think this bill depicts Europe’s architectural styles cultural history.

The 50 euro bill

The 50 euro bill

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