Typeface Anatomy- Shannon Heric

In the Black Swan movie poster the main headline type is at the bottom of the page. The red typeface goes well with the elegant and mysterious poster for the movie. The anatomy of the typeface has an even baseline with wide spaced out lettering in between each letter form. The x-height in this typeface is the same as the cap height because all of the letters are upper case. The set width is not proportionate to the cap height. The long slender upper case letters ad a sense of cleanness. There are no serifs and this makes the font more geometric. In the c the bowl of the curve is so deep and proportionately curved like a circle it adds depth. All of the bowls are not the same which makes the font more dynamic and have smooth contrasts between letters. The ligature of the A’s are pointed and have sharp crisp points with the cross bars as small triangles rather than straight across bars. Along with the pointed ligatures, the bottom points of the W and the points on the N are pointed just like the A. In the S in swan the S’s spine is very slightly curved showing gradual movement. With all of the anatomy in the Black Swan typeface it shows that the typeface is correct for the content. This movie poster is minimalistic and representational of the movie it is displaying and it fits with the content and feeling of the story. The movie is an intense ballet story representing a ballerina who is supposed to be a black swan which represents sensuality and slyness. This remake of a movie poster uses the correct font representing slyness with the large spaces in between the letters and the sharp points.

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