Typeface Anatomy – Amy Koller


New York Times Magazine – Arem Duplessis and Gail Bichler

I found this to be a particularly interesting example. The different line weight and organization of the typography was two of the things that caught my eye. Also, due to the fact that the font is not straight cut, it makes the magazine name stand out even more. The typeface is mainly decorative, but you can argue that the magazine uses sans-serif as well. I found it interesting that the artist decided to use bold fonts with thin typography underneath it. This gives an emphasis to the main titles and articles in the magazine.

broccoli-2Since the image is very organic looking due to the nature of the broccoli, I feel as though the font reflects that as well. Vertical scaling was used slightly in this font as you can see by the letters being slightly stretched upwards. In addition to this, the artist decided to use all caps for the cover. Normally this wouldn’t work for the whole image, but due to the contrast of bold and thin, I think it looks well put together. The width of the main titles are much thicker than the subtitles, which is another attribute to the typography. The hierarchical order of the cover is also very strong. The way the main title hangs over the broccoli initially draws the reader’s eye to that spot and then moves it down to the other titles.

This font is a great representation for the main subject of the magazine. Not only does the typefaces blend in together, but they compliment each other to create an appealing design that will cause the readers to wonder what is inside the magazine.

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