Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Bryce Ames

What I was hoping to convey in my comic for the normally invisible senses is that of the “rank” lines to convey the smell of the trash. The invisible emotion that I was hoping to convey was that of surprise and shock with the zigzag above the figure’s head and straight spike lines that radiate inward. The tools that I used were called ibisPaint X this allowed for my art to be made with sharper lines, use precision curves and symmetry when needed. This method allowed me to use the software to create the invisible emotion of shock and surprise, as well as using the stabilizer to allow for smoother curves to better display the stink lines over the garbage and trash. The other observations about the tools and techniques that I used this week for the comic were a mix of both experimental as well as ones that I have used before previously. The technique that most intrigued me that I used in the comic was the except that I achieved for the Shadows mixed with the texture I used to make the wall. I use the combination of gradient tools such as parallel gradation and conical gradation. I was also able to contain a grasp of where my light source should have appeared from which I have not really been able to do in Pryor works but I believe that it came out quite well and this particular one my thoughts are that it was probably due to the fact that it was a light fixture rather than the Sun. The sheering crosshatch and sheering lines were able to allow for a very good brickwork rendition and I will definitely use this in the future for aesthetics. Another technique that I used was the implication of speed lines indicating the motion of an object for the trash that was falling down from the conveyor belt on to the figure. as well as the motion of moving objects in a mechanical way such as “ shaking” or “vibrating” with curved lines around the object to indicate this. Another new technique that I used was that of the radiating spikes to convey the figures shocked expression that displays and it was caught off guard. The types of closure that are taking place between the panels of my comic are the aspect-to-aspect and subject-to-subject.

A Short Drop by Bryce Ames, May 2020
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