Putting It All Together: Feifan Li

This comic is similar to my previous two comics, and it is a story that happened around me, so I want to make it resonate with everyone. Finally, I was thinking about privacy. I thought of the most important thing in this period of time. The first picture is that I think everyone should learn to buy some supplies for backup. Then remember to bring a mask. This is to protect your own safety. In the two pictures, I chose to call my parents to tell them that they are safe and let them rest assured. Because I am an international student, my parents always worry about going out. I do n’t want them to worry. This is a comfort.

The third picture tells everyone that it is the last week!!! After the end of the semester, it is summer vacation, and you can play casually! I hope everyone can take advantage of the end of the final period to increase their grades. Then in the last picture, I just want to tell everyone that summer is here and summer vacation is here. This comic shows us the things in my life. These things are basically a portrayal of my roommate and my classmates.

Final Weekly Comic by Feifan Li created in Adobe Illustrator

In this task, I chose Illustrator as the main tool. I used the graphics tool, pen, and pencil tool to complete the comic. Although it looks rough, I mixed a lot of my ideas into it. In order to look more friendly, I chose to write each sentence by hand and then used the graphics to construct ice and the sun to describe the changes in time. However, the disadvantage is that it has not deviated from the traditional format, and my comic still needs to be improved. Because this project requires us to have our own personalities, I think the personalities and characteristics of the things I create are realistic, and the distance between each other is shortened through the same experience between people. At the beginning of this project, when I created it, I was thinking about whether to be a sad experience for my friend, because my friend has received a lot of frustration recently, I want to help him encourage him by the way, but he thinks this is not good, so I changed the project The most common story in this epidemic. I constructed the background of the story through a few simple and clear buildings, objects and characters, and resonated through language.

In the end, I think this comic is quite interesting. Although he is not perfect, he is also a step in my success in learning. It’s not pretty and I dare not try it. But now that I have done it many times, I think it ’s okay because every homework brings me new experience and experience. I hope that I will not change this kind of thinking and mood in the future, and I will try my hard work in exchange for achievement, and I am worthy of myself.

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