Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Brady Davis

For my comic, I went with the digital route as I’m more comfortable and feel like I can make something much more visually satisfying with a keyboard and mouse than I can by hand. The concept of line is interesting as it is essentially the building block of any shape and furthermore any illustration. The way in which we use lines is everything when it comes to any illustration. Lines can create borders, form shapes, people, details, etc. In Chapter 5, McCloud points out that people often use line to portray emotion and likens line style to being an artists signature.

In my illustration, I tried to portray someone who is visually sad, while containing little information to why he’s sad. I then used a magnifying glass to convey that the next frame will portray a close up look into the head of the individual. It is only then revealed that the characters house burned down, which is why he is sad. I think anyone who saw this would instantly be able to sympathize with the character from this microcosmic view of his thoughts and worries.

I tried to use Illustrator to draw this, but my computer didn’t want to work with it and I kept getting a grey screen. Instead, I opted for the old trusty photoshop and opted for the rectangle shape tool to create frames, then did the rest with the brush tool. I only used 4 different colors, but I think they definitely catch the eye of the viewer as they’re pretty bright vibrant colors. I chose to draw this image because I think a lot of people have been sad or depressed lately with the whole quarantine, but I don’t think we’re being very sympathetic that everyone is going through it. Emotion is something that is often overlooked by people. Many people lack the empathy to put themselves in someones shoes and think about the source of the persons sadness. I think this does a good job of making someone think more about people and their feelings and focus in on why they feel a way and what others can do to help.

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WSU Digital Technology and Culture 2022
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