Graphic Novel Review: Yanir Govrin

Hiroya Oku, Gantz, Dark Horse Comics, 2007

For my graphic novel I decided to read the first two volumes of the manga Gantz by Hiroya Oku. I decided to read this because my friend owns it and really wanted me to read it. It is about people that are saved from the brink of death and have to kill aliens to regain their freedom and return to their normal lives.

The art in this manga is more reminiscent of other manga or Japanese comics as it is all in black and white and has solid lines outlining everything with gray-scale style shading.

An example of the use in lines is how distinct and chunky the onomatopoeia are in this page. They are meant to be very obtrusive and loud to the characters so as such they are shown to be very big and obvious. This gives it a louder tone without any actual sounds playing. This gives it more weight as obviously you can’t have a distracting sound in a graphic novel so instead the text is distracting and grabs your attention in place of the sound it represents

Another example of lines is the lines for the text boxes. When showing thoughts the outline for the text box is a rectangle but when the characters are talking it has a more standard rounded text box. Not shown on these pages is when the characters yell. When the characters are yelling the text books have a jagged outline to easily show that they aren’t just talking but actually yelling.

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