Graphic Novel Review: Feifan Li

The Graphic Novel I chose for this assignment is Gene Luen Yang’s “American Born Chinese”. This is a very famous Graphic Novel that has won many awards. This comic contains three-chapter stories, the first one Uses the story of the most famous Chinese mythical story, the Monkey King, as an introduction to attract people to watch. The second article is that the author used his own experience as a background to create a child, the family moved to a strange place, and he also entered a white man. He is still the only Chinese in college. He is not in a group and is bullied. It wasn’t until he met a Taiwanese teenager who appeared later that he became friends with him before he gained friendship. But other people’s humiliation towards him made him give up his friends and chose to join them who humiliated him. The third chapter is to describe his humbleness from the side, and another story shows that after he joined others, although he lived very comfortably, he lost his national self-confidence.

The style of this comic is very distinctive. The author uses three stories to show the reader a daily story that resonates and associates with the reader. Through the description of the character’s face and the use of the background color to tell the reader the idea of ​​the protagonist in the comic. Just like the point of view mentioned in Scott McCloud ’s book “Understanding Comics”, this picture I chose is to show the meaning of listening through the mirror and using the side of the character. The change of the background tone and the symbol tell the reader the psychological change of the protagonist. The author also found himself by completing this comic and understood what he needs to know about what to do.

Gene Luen Yang,American Born Chinese,2006,Pg.15
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