Northwest Alternative Comics: Anna Davenport


I was not able to participate by going to the museum and seeing the works of art in real life. Therefore, I look at the pieces online. I really enjoyed looking at this piece by Paul Chadwick because of the colors used and how it made me feel peaceful. some elements of design that I noticed in this piece was first the color that the artist used. The hues of yellow and orange make for a piece that feels calm and organized. The next thing that I noticed was the design element of texture. Even though the piece uses a simple variation of colors the texture that the artist creates makes the piece more interesting to look at. Next, we can see the lines that are creating the “light” that is pointed at the monster looking shape this adds both lines and direction leading your eyes where to look. After, I noticed the direction of the light I noticed that the face of the being also has his eyes pointed back up in that direction creating invisible lines that are more inferred. A principle of design that I saw was that even though there is one main focus the direction of the lines helps your eye move around the piece thus creating a feeling of balance. When we talk about unity I think that this painting would fall under the active aggressive subject. I think this is because the definition from our readings is painting with an active aggressive subject that would work better with a dominant oblique direction, course, rough texture, and angular lines. This painting has a dominant direction from the eyes and the lines of light coming down. It also has course rough texture from the paint or digital strokes that the author used. One thing that I don’t feel this piece had was a contrast. Since the colors are all in the same family on the color wheel and there is only one main focus in the peuce I feel that the author did not hit this principle of design. Another principle was harmony. This was a big element that I saw because of the colors and strokes that the artist used. It was a visually satisfying piece that I enjoyed thinking about in terms of elements and principles of designs. The way that the author helps with my interpretation of the comic is not really clear to me. Since I don’t know the time frame that this happens in or the closure of the comic I’m not sure what I am supposed to get from the comic. One thing that I thought was interesting was that even though it was a peaceful piece and there was good harmony I still got the feeling of being alone and isolated. However, I am not one hundred percent sure what the comic author wanted us to get from this.

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