Northwest Alternative Comics: Anthony Sanchez

Unidentified Fluid Object by Mita Mahato

In today’s blog post I reviewed an art piece by Mita Mahato. The title of project is called “Unidentified Fluid Object” which is by created by Mahato. With this project its apart of a small series which you can find in her website. I decided to go with this piece for multiple reasons. For example, it has a moment to moment scene. I can make that inference because with each space it goes in order for example it happens second right after the next scene is going to start. But with in text that the artist added to it you can tell its a contiunation noise from the last seen. But the art project itself has several elements in it to make it an interesting piece. For example it has great texture. Mahato in this piece uses differnet objects and materials to make this piece up. She uses stuff like newspaper clippings and other forms of paper like construction paper. But it all works and correlates to create this piece. But you can also see the flow fo the direction with the way she applied it on her canvas. Overall I think with the elements that I chosen affect the way I see the way I interpret comics. Being able to apply to certain techniques to a comic can make your understanding and overall flow of the comic to be raise to read and to like overall.

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