Closure and Time Frames: Bryce Ames

The graphic novel that I am choosing to write about is Wings of fire. Book one, The dragonet prophecy: the graphic novel. The reason that I chose this novel is that I really enjoyed the original novel but after skimming the book for a bit I realized that the graphic novel is slightly different in terms of how the reader perceives the characters and actions.

Screenshot from Wings of fire. Book one, The dragonet prophecy: the graphic novel p. 54 by Tui Sutherland

One example of closure in the graphic novel is when the author has the pair of dragons flying across the sky and off the page. This scene is an example of moment-to-moment in the sense that we can see that there are just the two dragons and that they are moving closer to the reader and that time is in the current present.

An example of time frames in this novel so far is when the story jumps into the future and we are seeing the characters when they are older. In McCloud’s book Understanding comics, he explains that there is past present and future in comics and the way that the panel is shown and drawn and placed helps the reader understand this. In this novel, the scene shifts and we can see the same two dragons but one is bigger than the other indicating to the reader that time has passed.

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