Closure and Time Frames: Ivan Franco

Watchmen Chapter 3, Alan Moore

This image is form the Watchmen graphic novel. I chose this book as my graphic novel to follow. I have been interested in reading it for a while. This scene is from chapter 3, it displays the technique of scene to scene closure. In the novel the page jumps from a scene of the omniscient character Dr. Manhattan during an interview, and a fight scene that Night Owl and Silk Spectre are fighting. in the large picture the scenes contrast each other in their importance and raised stakes. The fight is violent and vicious but in the large scheme relatively unimportant. The interview however, appears calm and concise but what is being discussed holds large implications on the rest of the story.

Watchmen Chapter 2, Alan Moore

This image of four panels displays a shift of time occurring in the novel. It is quite simple, Rorschach (the one in the hat) is narrating over the events that surround the mysterious murder of the Comedian. The comedian panels are of events that happened at the start of the story, but helps set up this common habit in the novel to use flashbacks to the past. The two environments are contrasted by their color scheme. The present day panel is in base colors and diverse. The panels with the Comedian is drenched in a rosy red to signify the morbidness of his death.

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