Closure and Time Frames: Edison Soliman

The graphic novel that I chose to read for was Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi. This book was a read that I first discovered back in my elementary days. I remember seeing this book at book fairs and such but never got around to reading it to this day. I was always so curious to know what it was about but now I finally get the chance.

Three little pink leeches crawling through the ground when all of a sudden an arm grabs one of them. Amulet, Kazu Kibuishi (pg. 76)

While skimming through the graphic novel I found multiple examples of closure, especially ones with action to action. The example that I chose was when the panels panned to these three innocent looking slugs in a group. There isn’t much that goes on in this scene but the final panel is what really makes it interesting. The first two panels just show them going about their day. But once it switched to the third panel, there is an arm that come out and quickly grabs one of the slugs. This type of closure really adds a sense of worry due to the calming nature that the first two panels presented. The atmosphere is completely shifted from the swiftness of the arm in the third panel.

A brother and sister find a mysterious amulet while cleaning. Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi (pg. 33)

For time frames I decided to go with this scene where the two main characters find the mysterious amulet in the room that they were cleaning. The reason why I chose this scene was due to the mystery it presents when the girl handles the amulet in her hands. From the fourth to the sixth panel there is a distinct change in her eye color that causes the reader to make their own assumptions or interpretation to why this is occurring. Throughout the rest of the page she also seems to have completely changed her attitude and the subject which adds to the mystery of the story. My interpretation of this scene was that the amulet had taken possession of her.

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