Closure and Time Frames: Edgar S. Martinez

Daytripper by Fabio Moon

When I was deciding on a graphic novel I decided to look online. The graphic novel that I found was Daytripper by Fabio Moon which is about a author who’s job is to write Eulogies however the graphic novel is about different times about his life and what would have happened if he wrote his own eulogy. This first image showcases action to action as the first panel sets the situation and the last panel is a BANG and the action happens. This is a form of closure it is obvious that the bartender has died but it is up to us to picture the image. It serves as a dramatic ending to the first chapter and sets the tone to the type of action that can be expected from this graphic novel.

Daytripper by Fabio Moon

I found this panel while i was skimming the graphic novel and it caught my attention. The panel shows the main character in what seems to be a office environment and then it quickly switches to a intense red panel in a completely different environment. This huge time frame gap really demands that the reader engages with the comic. It is a very extreme cut almost like a movie. One I saw this I stopped flipping and wanted to find out more about the context of it. Its up to the reader to piece together how the two scenes fit together. There is a piece of text that provides some information as how we got the point but the closure is amazing. It feels like I am watching a film and the transition was like a sudden jump cut. That scene engages me and makes me want to read more to find out how we reached this point.

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