Closure and Time Frames Erin Rockwood

This is a scene in Here There be Gerblins
where there is a cool representation
of aspect to aspect closure. (Clint Mcelroy, Griffin
Mcelroy, Justin Mcelroy, Travis Mcelroy, and Carey
Pietsch, Here There be Gerblins, 2018, pg 60)

The graphic novel that I chose is the first edition in The Adventure Zone series, Here There be Gerblins. The scene that I chose that I thought showed a cool representation of closure was this scene where the characters are having a conversation after a battle. This scene shows aspect to aspect closure. It is one scene but the frames close in on certain characters or images in the scene. It shows this in a cool way because you can see the rest of the scene behind some of the frames, It bleeds into the whole page as it goes on. The aspect to aspect closure makes this scene better because it makes it more peaceful, this is the moment in the story where the characters catch a break in between battles and level up. This closure helps this suspended between action feeling this scene is supposed to give.

This travel montage makes a cool time
frame moment in this book.(Clint Mcelroy, Griffin
Mcelroy, JustinMcelroy, Travis Mcelroy, and Carey
Pietsch,Here There be Gerblins, 2018, pg 83)

The second image I chose shows a cool and interesting take on time frames because the whole page is trying to represent a montage with the characters. The way the artist tried to show this montage is by bleeding each scene together, Like how in a movie each scene jumps from one to another and ties in in the end. In the podcast that inspired this series, they do a lot of these moments where they explain even a week of time over a few words to conserve time. Both the podcast and the graphic novel break the 4th wall many times, and this is also shown in the characters eyes on the reader in this scene. There is technically 4 panels in this scene, but they blend together with what is meant to be the equivalent of screen wipes, with birds or smoke.

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