Final Digital Comic Collage by Daylon Hicks


This project was tough for me because it was hard for me to find items to scan because for the items I bring to college, I don’t have too much of. The reason for this is because I am a minimalist and I only bring items that have true meaning in my life. My original plan with this blog post was to talk about the items I chose and why I decided to choose them, but I wanted to start on a different approach. Lynda Barry’s What It Is, I noticed that the object that popped out the most was octopuses in the illustrations. I felt like she featured octopuses in her illustrations because she wanted to hook the reader in a different approach. I really liked that idea and decided to grasp it. My original thought for this project is to make it relative about me and I decided to keep on with that same idea. I knew I wanted to involve high jump because high jump is essentially the main reason why I am at Washington State University. High jump made an impact on my life and I can only thank my family for helping me get that far. I wanted to feature the Golden Gate Bridge because California is where I’m from. The next plan I wanted to do for this project is make me jump over Golden Gate Bridge. The reason for this is to show my creativity and how the two topics of high jump and my hometown in California align together. The vinyl from James Blake album “the Colour in Anything” was important for me to feature because it is an album that impacted me throughout high school and even now in college.The important thing I wanted to feature is layers for my pictures. Starting off this project was tough to add especially with the Golden Gate Bridge because I wanted to make my pictures as visible as possible. For this project, I found that clipping masking was a very helpful tool to use. For my WSU ID, I had information I did not want to feature so adding that on helped achieve the goal of me adding my ID easier. I believe that my project fits into Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic; “Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer” (McCloud pg. 9). The best example for this is bring up my bib from my collegiate track meet. It provides the reader with detail showing that I am a track athlete and providing how far it took me to get to this level. To be honest, this project was long and stressful because of how long the process took. I struggled in the beginning because as I stated in the beginning sentence, I did not bring too much stuff with me for college and the stuff that I had, I did not want to use for this project because it provided no meaning. At the end of this project however, I felt proud of my work. I felt like I represented myself in that image and the things that I scanned also helped describe who I am. This project was the first time that I used Photoshop ever and I did receive help to make sure this project was from my vision.

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