Final Digital Comic Collage: Maria Alvarez

Comic Collage by Maria Alvarez

My comic collage conveys information about me in an aesthetic way. Lynda Barry’s book “What It Is” inspired me because her comics are done her way even if it doesn’t look like a traditional comic. The materials I chose make meaning through the collage process by putting images together and making them look good next to each other to create a good visual. I didn’t write any words but I chose some materials that had words on it. I chose not to make them the center of attention but enough where people can see them. So I put them around the collage and not right next to each other so it is more spread out. The words are important to me and that is exactly why I chose them.

This is not my first time using photoshop, but I don’t use it that much, so it’s still a learning process. Many things where new to me like the clipping masks, the blending tool was new to me, framing some of my images was also something I hadn’t tried before. The tools that were most useful was color changing the images into like dividing and changing the hue. I used dividing a lot to make the drawings I made stand out and it made the paper in the back transparent. I also liked using the effects button, I used it on one of my images and it made it stand out a little bit more. I also used the erase button a lot to erase some of the outside space from the materials I used. It made the collage look better because there wasn’t a lot of random white space around the materials. I did have some trouble to crop specific images because it wanted to crop the whole collage. I also had trouble editing specific images because they weren’t smart objects.

I do like composing in a digital environment because it makes me learn more about photoshop and I get to chose images and materials and put them in any way I like. I don’t have to draw anything which is also good because I am not that good at that. I also think the digital environment lets me be more creative and I’m able to do more things with it.

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