Physical to Virtual: Daniel Blanchard

I brought a few materials to the CDSC to scan, some of these items are physical objects that are used daily, while others are drawings made with intention to create a scenario for my graphic novel. On the first day of scanning unfortunately I wasn’t able to scan any of the items I brought, but on my own time I brought a couple drawing I made and also brought a snickers candy bar wrapper. Some additional items that I would love to scan, now knowing more about how resolution and scanning works are things like decorative birds or other animal type craft items. This can add the effect of having life like images of animals in my comics, adding certain aspects like texture, depth, and variety to my work.

With these scans, I hope to make a story that keeps the reader interested and wondering what is coming next. I am trying to utilize the slogan “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” I will depict this by creating a scenario where 1 tomato is trying to cliff dive but keeps failing, until his helpful friend gives a solution to their problems by providing him a snickers.

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