Print vs. Digital comic: Rachel Fox

Writing a print comic followed by a digital one was an interesting experience, I didn’t find making the print comic at all difficult despite repetitively drawing the same character multiple times and keeping my hand writing at a steady font. The digital comic was still much easier to design and create, having tools where I could produce straight lines instantly, drop color into shapes rather than manually coloring, and being able to type my speech bubbles were all massive bonuses. My favorite part of moving to digital was definitely the ability to copy a character and just manipulate the expression rather than having to manually redraw like I would need to if I was hand drawing the comic. I used the drawing app Procreate to draw my digital comic and had used it a moderate amount before so I had some ideas on how to use the tools and layers. 

I find reading paper comics to be my preferred way of enjoying them. I find that digital comics don’t have the same feel as paper ones do. If I were to be purely creating comics I would want it all to be digital but if I were to only read them I would want the paper formats over the digital ones. 

The Scott McCloud reading did not have to major of an effect on the concept of my digital comic.I did the reading before I had a concept for my comic and hoped the McCloud comic would inspire something but still had nothing at the end of the chapter. I returned to finish my comic a few hours later once I had an idea and the McCloud comic was still not impactful. 

Drawn by Rachel Fox, January 2020 

Drawn by Rachel Fox, January 2020 

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