Final Web Comic: Patrick Istvan

What inspired me the most was the ease of access. With a book or a comic one needs to either go to a library or have physical space to store books. Where as with a web comic access is through the world wide web. Anyone can gain access instantly. Readers will scroll vertically to read the comic. After clicking on a button labeled “my comics” from a home screen they are taken to the actual comic. If my comic is viewed on a smart phone it becomes easier to “zoom in” which I like. I think Scott McCloud would appreciate how the continuation is fluidly accessible. With paper comics pages need to be turned and the viewer is exposed to whole batches of panels per page where as with a vertical scrolling web comic the panels are viewed fluidly as the reader scrolls. This scrolling can also be examined as an action is more required continuously, where as with comics its simply just moving ones focus from panel to panel.

I used both Illustrator and Photoshop to make my webcomic. I used Illustrator to make the characters and Photoshop to edit my face and put it on the stick figures. Photoshop is much better at editing images and I found a tutorial online for getting a “comic book” like effect for my face.

I built my own website using HTML and CSS. I used a skeleton (copied and pasted pre-made code) from one of my other websites and edited it a bit. I changed the background picture to fit the comic and act as a setting for the events in the webcomic. To get the png files from photoshop to appear on the website I used the simple code of “<img src=”___.png”>” for all the pictures I wanted to put in the website. This put the pictures in a vertical order that was big enough and well enough where I didnt feel I needed to change their size or the way they display. I learned more about filter galleries which is what I used to make the comic book effect on my face.

Link to my webcomic.

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