Web Comic: Emily Bartholomew

My idea behind my webcomic was just by looking up some different types of webcomics on the internet and building an idea from there. The limitations that I had while making this comic was my creativity and art skills, that allowed me to do what I could do and only make. I wish that I could draw and design signs something that could be hung up on someone’s wall in their house, but with my skill, it’s going to stay on the fridge. I had endless possibilities of what I wanted to create but the problem with that is will it come out the way I want it to look. I can tell you now it did not come out the way I want it to come out, but because it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to bring a little bit of character to the comic. If my comic is viewed in different types of devices it will still be an animation and move around, but the size is the only thing that will change. On a smaller screen, the GIF will be smaller than if you were to watch it on a computer screen or with something that has a bigger screen. I think Scott McCloud would be accepting of my webcomic gif because when we read his webcomics on his website some of the comics had little animation to it. Even though my comic is a still image that is animated I think that it still fits into Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic.
At the beginning of making this project, I started off using Illustrator because I think that Illustrator is more useful to create a comic in, just because there are more tools and effects that you can use instead of Photoshop. But for making a GIF you can’t do that in Illustrator so I had to transfer all of my project parts into photoshop so that I could make it into a GIF. I didn’t know that I couldn’t make a gif in Illustrator, but if I would have known that before I would have just done all of my projects in Photoshop. I started off creating my website using HTML but for some reason, it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted it to turn out, so I decided to use web software like Wix. Using web software was a lot easier than building my website from scratch because it was flexible, and I was able to change things that I didn’t like in a matter of seconds. I got my Photoshop GIF file into the web software a lot easier than I thought, I thought I was going to run into a lot more problems about the file size or the animation wasn’t going to work on the website but everything was fine when I uploaded it on the site. Something that I learned about both about creating a GIF, is that it’s a lot easier to create a GIF than I thought it was going to be. Another thing that I learned about Photoshop and Illustrator is that you can only create a real GIF in Photoshop. You can make a GIF file type in Illustrator, but it won’t be animated unless you create it in Photoshop and make it into a real GIF file.

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