Final Poster Project: Matthew Mollet

Final Poster “Dog’s Dream Day”

My inspiration for this poster came from me thinking about my dog back home. I was thinking about what he might enjoy doing, and decided to make my poster about thay. My comic breaks the timeline norm because it does not read in a determined consecutive order. My art inspiration came from looking at cartoons of dogs so I could see how to best draw them, and then I added different characteristics to my drawings. The reader can go in any order to see the comic, but I made the first scene (the dog sleeping) larger than most so the reader starts there. The comic shows what I would think my dog, and any dog, might be dreaming about when they sleep and what their perfect day would look like with a cartoony style. The passage of time did not really have a role in my comic because I wanted to show scenes that would be in a dog’s dream. I think my strategy is inventive because most comics have panels to follow, but my comic is more of a scatter of scenes with no real order.

This is not my first time using illustrator. I tried to make the scenes detailed with different colors and movements for the dog to do. I did have difficulty with he different angles of the dog’s face and that is something I wish I would have put more time into, and I feel that this was a limitation because it was difficult to make the dog look the exact same at different angles. I wanted to instill the feeling of a dream into the comic so I left a lot of white space, like the dog is in a clouded iconography is only the title of the comic at the top, simply so the reader knows what is happening in the scenes. The tutorial techniques I used the most were distorting the shapes and creating curved lines with the pen tool. The thought bubbles on the outside of the scenes might guide the reader, but it would not make any difference if they read it in another order.

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