Individual Voices: Joseph Alonso

Created by Steven Velozo, 2016.

The image I used is about pondering your actions and the consequences of them.  This image spoke to me because I couldn’t help but think about the concept of Intrusive Thoughts.  Intrusive Thoughts are where something happens around you, and you get a sudden thought that you would never act on, such as jumping off a high ledge or beating up and infant for crying too much on a plane.  I myself have had these thoughts before, like one time I was up on the Seattle Space Needle and was looking out over the city.  I glanced down and stared for a moment.  I suddenly found myself thinking about how easy it would be to just take that extra step forward.  Now mind you, I was thinking about how easy it would be, not about actually jumping off the monument.  As a disclaimer, I am in no way suicidal and know to never do anything of the sort because of how it would affect the people who know me.  I just used this story as an example of a time that I had an Intrusive Thought.

This comic made me think of Intrusive thoughts because of how closely it mirrored my thoughts of that time on the Space Needle.  The image of the person sitting on the edge of the fence, combined with the skull and the mentions of looking at the ground and thinking about falling, along with the title, “Backing Out.”  It all comes together to make one consider one’s actions, and in turn, made me remember my experiences with intrusive thoughts.

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