Individual Voices: Jon Klaveano

I really enjoyed our class last period when we traveled to the art center at Washington State University. Personally I have never been to the art center here at Washington State University, and I am a junior. That being said I was really excited to see what our schools

“Concrete” by Paul Chadwick ’92  

art center had to offer. I can honestly say I was pretty impressed with the art featured in the museum because it varied a lot. That was one of the things I really liked about the art center. The art featured on the walls in the art museum was far from anything i have seen before except for a couple exceptions. The art museum’s faculty did a good job of displaying the different pieces of comic book art that my class was after. I took a ton of photos for reference, but one comic really caught my eye for its style and back story.

The piece I choose was made by Paul Chadwick. The specific photo I choose comes from his popular comic book called “Concrete.” What I really like about this specific photo is the art style. I really enjoy Chadwick’s use of black and white I think it gives the comic a lot of character.  His use of lines is also very different compared to any other comic I have seen. It is almost like the the lines give the people in the comic alot character. When considering how they look and what emotions they are expressing.  I also really enjoy the fact that much of the strip is just plain old black. It almost looks like he was sketching with a white colored pen on a piece of black paper. The black featured in the comic book strip also has a lot of character which is pretty interesting.

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