Individual Voices: Bruno Signorelli

I chose this because I really enjoyed the style of the work and drawing. I also liked the concept of the entire book. Each 2 pages contained there own story in a way with the first page containing text that would be a quote and the right page would be a visual representation of that quote. I like this quote specifically because it reminded me of myself when I was a kid and how entertained I would be by simply looking out the window of my car, and just looking at the sky and clouds. By having the entire background of the pages black it gives it the sense that everything is happening in the same space and time. I’ve always been a fan of the contrast of black and white images and every image is just in black and white so that is another reason why this specifically caught my eye. Overall I really liked the entire book and found many of the pages and quotes very fascinating, and this was just one of many that really caught my eye.

“Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory” Eroyn Franklin

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